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No Intimacy In Marriage From Husband

Feb 11, 2024 10:51 AM


No Intimacy In Marriage From Husband

Wellnession.com - Sometimes, in a marriage, no intimacy in marriage from husband can be a complex problem and potentially destroy a relationship. For a woman, intimacy is a necessity to be able to understand each other.

Intimacy is the key to building a strong and deep bond between couples, there are situations where the lack of intimacy of the husband can be a problem that requires understanding and careful handling. A deep understanding of the causes behind this inability to create close relationships is an important first step in exploring ways to overcome this challenge.


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What Causes a Husband's lack of Intimacy With His Wife?

When marital intimacy feels less than the husband's, there are a number of factors that may be causing it. Here are some aspects why husbands don't want intimacy.


1. Stress

Husbands who experience high stress and stress often lose their desire to have sex. Work burdens, financial problems, or demands of everyday life can create tension that impedes intimacy. If a man is already stressed he wants to put his stress on games or sleep, so he can relax his mind instead of having sex with his wife.

Therefore, look at your husband's condition, if you feel he looks stressed help him to relieve the stress and don't ask him to connect, by keeping communication you will be able to understand each other's problems.

2. Physical and Mental Health

Poor health, such as hormonal disorders, sexual problems, or mental health conditions, can affect the ability and no intimacy in marriage from husband. It is very likely that the husband is physically tired so that he should also want to have sex, but is hindered by his poor condition.


That requires him to rest and also needs the attention of the wife. The important role for the wife here is to calm and encourage the husband so that tomorrow he can have sex.


3. Anxiety or Depression

Mental disorders such as anxiety or depression can play a major role in lowering a husband's sexual desire. It is very likely that the husband is physically tired so that he should also want to have sex, but is hindered by his poor condition.


That requires him to rest and also needs the attention of the wife. The important role for the wife here is to calm and encourage the husband so that tomorrow he can have intimacy.


4. Identity Uncertainty

Husbands who experience uncertainty or changes in their personal identity, such as a financial crisis to survive, may experience a decreased desire for intimacy. because his mind will be diverted to finding a solution on how to survive with his wife during this lack of money. because without money he cannot support his wife to eat or buy daily necessities.


5. Relationship Problem

Disharmony or tension in the marital relationship can be the reason why no intimacy in marriage from husband. With this problem, both of them must be open to communicating with each other to be able to solve it. By making peace, you can build a romantic relationship that can make your husband want to have sex with you.


6. Physical Changes and Appearance.

Physical changes, such as weight gain or changes in appearance, can make your husband feel less confident and hinder his desire to intimacy. The solution is to convince your husband that changes in body shape or appearance will not make him disappointed or unwilling to intimacy. because by accepting each other, it can create existing problems


7. Performance Emergency

Anxiety related to sexual performance, such as fear of not being able to satisfy your partner, lack of duration during intimacy are the causes of husbands being reluctant to engage in intimacy.


8. Boredom and Monotonous

It's a pleasant thing to have sex with a wife for the first time, but sometimes it can be boring for a husband if he has sex too often. Therefore, trying to explore a new way of having sex can be a solution to overcome boredom and monotony. It's better to be open to each other about what you want to do when you're having an intimate relationship.


9. Feeling Unwanted or Rejected

If a husband has ever experienced rejection or unwanted feelings, it can create emotional trauma that affects their willingness to engage in intimate relationships.


10. Alcohol or Drugs Consumption Patterns

Consumption of alcohol or certain drugs can affect sexual function and desire.


Some husbands may also experience uncertainty or a change in their view of themselves, which can affect their confidence in an intimate relationship. These factors require open communication, understanding, and joint efforts to overcome and restore the warmth of a marital relationship to remain always harmonious.


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It's Important to Keep Intimacy With Your Wife

Maintaining intimacy in marriage is not only a romantic aspect, but also a strong foundation for a healthy and harmonious relationship. Intimacy strengthens the emotional and physical bond between husband and wife, creating a deep sense of connection. When we engage intimately with the partner, we not only share the body, but also thoughts, feelings, and hopes.


Intimacy creates a safe space for boundless communication, building trust, and understanding each other better. In addition, intimacy plays an important role in fostering happiness and balance in marriage, providing a solid foundation for facing challenges and changing lives together.


By caring for andining intimacy, couples can strengthen their bonds over time, creating relationships that are not only lasting, but also full of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, keeping intimacy with a wife is not only an obligation, but also a valuable investment in the happiness and sustainability of a marriage.


Can a Marriage Survive With No Intimacy?

Although husband's integrity is crucial in strengthening the bond, the longevity of the relationship is not determined by just one aspect. Basically, a strong foundation for a relationship requires open communication, trust, and mutual understanding. In situations where marriage seems limited from the husband, the couple can explore the cause and find solutions together.


The durability of a relationship depends not only on the presence of complete integrity, but also on the willingness of the couple to collaborate and grow together through each stage of change. With mutual commitment, sincerity, and a willingness to adapt, relationships can last and even become stronger despite the challenges that may arise.


Most importantly, there is an openness to learning, developing, and creating an environment that supports joint development, even when the husband's maturity is in the adjustment phase.


Is It Normal For Husband to Not be Intimate?

When we talk about marriage, we're gonna have to talk about it often. But, in fact, what happens when in a marriage relationship there seems to be a lack of courtesy on the part of the husband? Well, here's the story, it's like a spice in the kitchen, important but not the only one. So, it's natural that at some point there's another couple that's less sweet. It can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from work stress, monotonous routines, to personal life problems that are burdensome.

However, before we panic and feel that our relationship is dying because of the lack of sweet moments, it's important to realize that every relationship must have its ascending and descending phases. Partly, it's normal that sometimes we need time to grasp and understand ourselves before we can give a couple some comfort. By the way, this could be an opportunity to make our relationship stronger, because we're gonna get to know each other better and know how to deal with unpleasant situations.

The point is, by the way, if you feel less friendly in a marriage, don't panic. It's dynamic in nature, and it can grow on its own if our partner and ourselves are willing to open up and support each other. Most importantly, let us not forget that behind that lack of integrity, there is still a foundation of love and commitment that underpins our relationship. So, while enjoying sweet moments, we also learn to be patient and process together. As long as there's good intentions and efforts on both sides, I'm sure it can come back, even if it's a different path than we've imagined.



So, the point is, it can't be ruled out that no intimacy in marriage from husband makes sense, yeah. Although happiness is the fuel for relationships, sometimes we forget that each relationship has its own challenges and phases. Even if there are moments when a husband looks unfriendly, it doesn't mean everything's going to break up or get bad, right? It's important for open communication and mutual support.


Don't forget, we can be a tough team to face every test, if we still have the effort and good intentions to keep our relationship healthy and strong. It all takes time and process, so, as long as there's effort and mutual understanding, it can come back again, albeit in a different form than before. So, relax, yeah!


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